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From electronics dogsbody, through photographer, to web designer/developer.

Good design means so much to a user’s experience (UX) on a website.

It not only applies to the look of the user interface (UI), but to the readability and layout of text, the use of logical navigation buttons, and to the use of colour.

All these things are too important to be left to run-of-the-mill templates, and off-the-shelf stock photography.

While templates and stock photography are useful, they do tend to make sites look very similar, and your website is better than that.

I can provide you with an artisan, hand-knitted, lovingly coded website, with original photography, video and sound, all for less than the price of a three course dinner at some restaurants.

I can offer WordPress (which this site uses) where you make your own content changes, or you can engage me to update the content for a fixed monthly price.

Don’t let your website be Just Another WordPress Site.